Victoria Beckham how-to

Five work-appropriate outfits inspired by the posh designer.


Congrats, girl! You just got your dream job. Now, let’s get down to business…and talk about clothes. Some tend to think you can’t be stylish and look professional at the same time, but we’ll prove them dead wrong. Just because you’re working in a more serious environment doesn’t mean you can’t play a little. While this doesn’t mean channelling your inner Elle Woods, you should def be taking advantage of your new status as a young profesh to stand out. Take, for example, Victoria Beckham. She started as the posh Spice Girl only to become one of the fashion industry’s most acclaimed designers. Her signature style is unique and focuses on casual silhouettes and sophisticated movement, which is what you want to recreate as you walk in the door on your first day.

Research: Stéphanie Bolduc-Montcalm


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