Tacky holiday sweaters

Are you planning a gaudy-sweater party, a family reunion at your parents’ cottage or a morning-after brunch? Then you need one of these stat!


Yes, they’re making a comeback, and they’re part of the ‘80s-‘90s revival trend. Did I hear mainstream movement? Don’t we all know a cousin who used to always wear one back i the day? They’re the all-over feature of the holiday season because, frankly, how can we not love these tacky garments? They’re SO CUTE. The warm and fuzzy; red and green; with giant snowmen, reindeer, Christmas trees and even the occasional pompom (!) sweater is snowballing its way into our holiday essentials. While some creatives are making their own ugly sweaters (props!), we’re just going for the easy way out. Here are the ones we’ll be wearing.


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