Our favourite bomber jackets

It’s fashion’s most preferred jacket this season, and we know why. It comes in a wide array of different styles – minimalist, brocade, satin and Asian-inspired – and it’s super easy to wear like a street-style star. Time to shine.


It’s everywhere – from runways to the streets – and worn by Yeezy aficionados and, let’s be honest, the entire fashion clan. Ever felt like you love a piece so much but don’t know exactly what you should be wearing it with? We gotcha! We’ve selected our four fave styles of the aviator topper to up any ensemble you have. And for extra bonus points, here’s how you can wear ’em.


The flight jacket has reached MVP status, and we’re so stoked about how easily it pairs with errthang. It can be worn supersized, with the sleeves pushed all the way up, or shrunken into a more retro style, and it looks good with mom jeans or a maxi dress.


It seems like designers are all dreaming of chinoiserie lately, as they’ve really gone down the brocade road. Ornamental brocading on bombers takes the tomboy look down a notch and adds a touch of vintage that we love. Try layering yours over a cozy knit.


If you’re thinking attitude boost, you’re spot-on. A satin bomber is a great crossover between edgy and feminine chic. Try it on top of a party dress with sneakers or over an all-black outfit for the ultimate wow effect.


There’s no better way to give a dress some serious street cred in an effortless way. If, like us, you’re seriously in love with all that is Asia, you’ll want to make sure you hop on the Oriental Express trend. Don’t be afraid to go wild and pair your topper with fun prints and pop colours.


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