Get your chokers ready (+ 6 other styles of bling)

The choker necklace has unashamedly been taking over the jewellery department for a few seasons now. We’re sporting it (over and over) and welcoming other very cool glitzy trends at once.


The comeback of the ’90s choker with tattoo designs triggered a fashion tsunami and brought the tight necklace to reboot our jewellery kits like never before. Our fave Instagrammers Kendall and Gigi have shown massive love for the style, especially the statement velvet collar. From simple black antique lace, the trend has evolved into delicate chains and retro ornamented pendants that all promise to be big again this holiday season. But as the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket; there are many other styles of bling that will elevate your fashion cred just as much.

  • Filament earrings. The elongated gems are graceful and move ever so softly.
  • Tassels. The ultimate party-time accessory. Let them hang loose.
  • Avant-garde pearls. Unlike Her Majesty the Queen’s jubilee.
  • Ssssss-snakes. Be sensational with these sinuous shapes.
  • Mix and match. Formerly DIY, now BIY (buy it yourself).
  • Coloured crystals. They add the perfect li’l touch of colour and make you shine bright.

Research: Chloé Gervais


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