Gift ideas 2016: for the kids

Whether you’re shopping for your child or someone else’s, kids are not always easy to please. Running out of clever ideas? Take a look at our list to get them playing.


We tend to think that finding the right gift for a child is easier than finding one for an adult, but that’s so wrong. Kids know what they like, and they won’t hesitate to inform you. We’ve rounded up a list of gifts for those nice girls and boys (and the naughty ones too!). Let’s keep ’em busy on a snowy day with these crafty, fun, eco-friendly and educational (and not excessively loud!) games. Treat the little ones to presents they’ll want to use over and over again. The perfect present at the perfect price is just a scroll away. You’ll score points giving any of these fun goodies and create unforgettable memories.

Recherche: Stéphanie Bolduc-Montcalm


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