Gift ideas 2016: for mom

Thoughtful, hand-picked holiday finds to make your mom happy. Here the best gift ideas ever!


Let’s be real: She 100 percent deserves the most awesome gift. She raised you, put up with your mood swings since forever, taught you the ABC’s of fashion and pampering and is your BFF. So, needless to say, you probably owe your momma big time. She’ll probably say she doesn’t need a thing and that you should keep your money to spend on yourself (nice – but not helpful at all), or start sharing the present she gets with everyone else, BUT you should def show your fave lady that you care. Here’s stuff your mom will love. From the perfect handbag to warm pyjamas , these picks will have you winning over the holidays and give your mom all the pampering she needs to relax post-holiday frenzy. You’ll have one happy momma!

Written by: Camille Cardin-Goyer

Research: Erika Tremblay


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