2016 holidays: beauty-gift inspo

For all of you who get ecstatic when you think of a glitzy eyeshadow palette, a deep-burgundy lipstick or any small cosmetics container that will give you the pampering you deserve, these gift ideas are just what you need.


Your BF probably keeps asking why you need so many different beauty products, but he likely doesn’t get that there is NO SUCH THING as having too many cosmetics. New fragrances, new lipstick shades and innovative skin care get us every single time, right? It takes what it takes to glow, and we’re not about to let that go. And even if you lean more toward the no-makeup side, a li’l mascara or a subtle liner comes in oh-so-handy. We’ve chased down all of our beauty must-haves for you, your mom, your sis or any girl you want to share some love with this holiday. Wouldn’t Momma love to relax in a nice bubble bath? Then there’s your sis who wants to have the makeup kit she saw on the tutorials she loves watching, and your BFF is complaining that her curling iron broke. Today might just be your lucky day. Don’t forget that a lot of beauty gifts come with an extra surprise during the holidays. Yeah!


  1. It would be great if you would do a gifts special on products that are not tested on Animals, since that is not required by law even though most major cosmetic companies still do it. There are a lot of great ones out there. You did include a couple. Caudalie is not tested on animals or lush. Laneige makes great beauty products & do not test on animals. I know you are not a social responsible magazine & are probably paid by advertisers but it would be a great thing for you to do. Lots of Animal Lovers out there & socially responsible people that know that testing products on Animals is & should be obsolete.

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