Behind the scenes for Lady Gaga’s Telephone fashion delirium!



So Lady Gaga and Beyoncé‘s ‘Telephone’ video was released at the beginning of the week and is BEYOND hotter than their last collaboration.

The nine-minute epic vid starts with a bang, with Gaga being escorted into a prison cell in a fierce striped Jean Charles de Castelbajac dress and stripped of her clothing by two female guards, who quickly re-affirm, in technicolor terms, that she is NOT, in fact, a hermaphrodite. Touché. Style-mad fans have been dissecting and analyzing the 8 remaining minutes of the Jonas Akerlund-directed clip’s crazy style, from smoldering cigarette glasses, to an ‘outfit’ made of nothing but yellow crime-scene tape, and an array of studded underwear as outerwear, product placement, sexy sandwiches and soon-to-be-copied but all-too-fabulous Graham Bell-inspired hairstyles .

So what’s the formula? Who’s Gaga stylist? Click below for all the fashion credits, plus the ‘unofficial’ inspiration, freaky Gaga tributes and behind the scenes video!

So who IS Gaga’s stylist??? One of the members of Gaga’s creative team, Haus Of Gaga, Nicola Formichetti, acts as the Lady’s de facto stylist, on top of acting as fashion director of Vogues Homme Japan, creative director of Dazed & Confused mag, and  dressing celeb clients like Justin Timberlake, Robert Pattinson, Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes. His blog (where he constantly posts pics of new looks) and Twitter page are major eye candy, as well as required reading for any self-respecting Gaga fan.


According to Formichetti's blog, the chain jumpsuit is custom made by Viktor & Rolf, and the cigarette sunglasses by HAUS OF GAGA

You can find the fashion credits from the “Telephone”video are in this post.

So now we know the studded jacket is by  Search and Destroy, and the sunglasses vintage Chanel, but what about the inspiration behind those Coke-cans-as-rollers? I dug up Dominican-American ‘speed merengue’ singer Maluca, who rocked those back in November 2009. Check it out at around 2:01!


And the head to toe leopard suit? Remember Shania Twain's "That Don't Impress Me Much Video" ? Yup!

On top of dozens of other pop-culture references, from Michael Jackson to Madonna and Betty Page to Wonder Woman, and cameos including Gaga’s younger sister Nathalie Germanotta (who appears in the video’s prison scenes) there are all the Quentin Tarantino references, whom Gaga is rumored to be collaborating with. She and Beyoncé ride off in the sunset in Kill Bill’s “P*ssy Wagon”, and from the bangs to the muscle cars of the video’s last minutes, it’s clear Akerlund had a thing for Deathproof too.

Now it’s only touching that a video with so many pop culture tributes would receive it’s own hommages. That means make way for Lady Gaga cookies sporting all the video’s outfits , as well as tons of tribute videos…

And the location? It’s fictionnal! Most of the clip was actually shot at the Four Aces motel, lodge and gas station, a set in the desert about an hours out of Los Angeles, where numerous movies and clips were shot before. You can see the set in the behind-the-scenes making-of “Telephone” video below; I visited the set a couple years ago!.



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