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Ke$ha’s most outrageous looks

August 23rd, 2011


If you count glitter, feathers and human teeth as some of your wardrobe staples, and have a propensity for not wearing pants, then Ke$ha may be the style icon for you! Her fashion sense often borders on maniacal, but you’ve got to hand it to the record-breaking pop star: there are very few things the girl won’t do to express her unique style. We take a look back on Ke$ha’s most outrageous outfits over the years, from muppet fur to Mad Max:

PR Photos/David Gabber

From the Olympic flame hairstyle to the studded eyebrows, silver lips and trash bag dress, we don’t know where to begin. This look is definitely a red carpet first.

PR Photos/Chris Hatcher

Here’s Ke$ha’s version of the LBD, paired with a platinum mullet and purple muppet fur of course. Her signature metallic lips, combat boots and NFL-ready cheek stripe are just the cherry on top of this ensemble.

PR Photos/Robin Wong

A quick glance at this look – peep-toe platforms, high-waisted shorts, California girl locks and a 70s inspired floppy hat – and it looks like Ke$ha might have made it onto a best-dressed list! But alas, staff in hand, she just looks like Moses after joining the cast of Indiana Jones.

FAME Pictures/Target

Neon face paint, a lime green body suit and bare legs make this look quintessentially Ke$ha. We must admit, the girl has killer gams. We’d just like to see them in a pair of well-tailored pants, for a change.

Splash News

Was this what she meant by “post-apocalyptic Mad Max”? Sounds about right to us.

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