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Celebrity designer collection done right!

November 6th, 2008


After my less than flattering rant about the demise of Heidiwood, I thought I’d balance things out by blogging a little about one celebrity designer who definitely hit the nail right on the head!

Our last faceoff (Our Faceoff contest is now finished) asked you to vote for which celeb designer you think needs to keep their day job. Katie Holmes or Lilo? Why? Because some celebrities should not be designers and we want to know which ones! But even though some of the horrid lines out there make my eyes hurt (Heidiwood!) I must give credit where credit is due.

Which celeb designer is my all-time fave?

Gwen Stefani! The L.A.M.B. collection (though a little on the pricey, I-wish-I-could-afford-it-all-but-can’t, side) is one line of clothing and accessories that almost always comes out with a to-die-for item


4 comments on Celebrity designer collection done right!

  1. I adore Royal Elastics shoes. They are slippers… maybe that is why the L.A.M.B. shoes weren’t torture. I have had issues with the brand — like Christine — the hurt!

  2. I adore all things L.A.M.B. also. But I have to disagree with about the L.A.M.B. shoes being uncomfortable. I have a pair of L.A.M.B. boots wich were made in collaboration with Royal Elastics ( an australian skate shoe brand), and they are as comfortable as slipper. I also have a pair of covered platform from the new fall 08 line and although the heal must be at least 6 inch, they are supprisingly comfortable. I was even able to dance all night with them on. So I guess it depends on the person and you really have to go out there and test try them yourselves. One thing for sure they really make your legs look amazing.
    Great job Gwen !

  3. Painful?? NO! How disappointing…in that case, I definitely need to purchase a pair and try them out for myself. It’s for testing purposes.

  4. I love L.A.M.B too! Gwen does a fantastic job… then again, she *always* looks amazing, while LiLo just prances around in leggings and tees. Not so inspiring, to say the least!

    Not to burst your bubble but I have had a few issues with L.A.M.B shoes. I have a pair of flats that are ridiculously uncomfortable and I’ve tried on a few pairs that I couldn’t even fit my feet into (and no, I wasn’t trying to squeeze in cause they were on sale: they were my size!). Needless to say, I’d be weary about ordering online… One thing’s for sure though: L.A.M.B shoes are beautiful!

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