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I met glam Kim Kardashian!

May 5th, 2010



If you watched Breakfast Television yesterday morning or The Shopping Channel last night, you’ll know that Kim Kardashian was out and about in Toronto promoting her new fragrance. Yours truly chatted with the glamorous brunette at the Hazelton Hotel about said fragrance. Woot! But before I go into deets about her scent (and the inside scoop about a recent redcarpet frock), let’s get to the juicy stuff that I know you’re all dying to know: What was beauty wearing? Well, the girl didn’t disappoint. She wore a figure hugging Elise Øverland griege mini, a STU-NNING pair of LAMB by Gwen Stefani platforms (scroll down for a close-up shot) and a vintage silver bracelet. But it was her hair and makeup that just rocked my world! She paired her signature cascading locks with glossy pink-nude lips (she was wearing lip pumping Lip Fusion), glowing rosy cheeks and come-hither, sultry brown-smoky eyes. The starlette looked simply flawless in person—even right up close! As for her famous curvy figure? Well, I gotta say, the girl is pretty darn teeny-tiny. She does have curves, but her pint-sized waist is only slightly bigger than my hands put together. Not surprisingly, she said the ticket to keeping her figure in check is eating right and exercising. Gosh darn it folks, looks like there is no way around it, not even for a supa-star! Here are a few highlights from our chit-chat:

Tell me about your new signature fragrance.
It’s a mix of all my favorite scents and memories in a bottle. Tuberose (reminds me of my mom—that was her signature scent), gardenia (it’s my dad’s favorite flower and always reminds me of our family vacations to Hawaii) and Jasmine. I used to line the balcony of my first condo with Jasmine flowers. I wanted a sexy and feminine scent yet still fresh, light and floral. I didn’t want it to smell like candy.

Tell me about launching on The Shopping Channel?
The fragrance launched in the US earlier in the year and I had a lot of Canadian fans who said they couldn’t buy it here. What I liked about The Shopping Channel is I am able to tell my story to my fans.
Did you get deeply involved with the creation of your fragrance?
Yes, I went to the perfume house in New York about 4 or 5 times to help create it. They must have sent me about 50 different samples before the scent became perfect. I think I may have tortured them a bit! I also helped sketch out the shape of the bottle—I wanted something curvy and round in a darker colour. Something different from what was already out in the market.
Would you like to do another fragrance?
Hopefully! Yes, I would love to.
How long have you been planning this scent?
My mom and I started talking about it a while a go. The process took about 2 years.
I’m going to switch gears a bit. Tell me about your fashion style.
I think I’m a bit trendy and feminine, but also edgy without being masculine.
You got a lot of thumbs up for your dress earlier in the week at the 2010 Whitehouse Correspondence Dinner. Tell me about it.
I had been searching around for something to wear, but I just couldn’t find anything quite right. I told my mom and she gave me her vintage Valentino gown that she bought in Paris in 1984, and it fit perfectly! She started to cry when she saw me in the dress. She said she had been waiting for someone to wear it!


Not a bad way to spend a lunch hour, huh? I’m loving the scent by the way! Very sophisicated yet lightly floral. Not bad, Kim.

Photos. Top and middle right: George Pimentel. Bottom: PR Photos / Janet Mayer


2 comments on I met glam Kim Kardashian!

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kim step out in something thats not glam and completely flattering to her womanly figure! It won’t be long now until she comes out with her own line…lets just cross our fingers that it’ll be available for style savvy canucks!

  2. Great reporting, Liv. I agree, her make up looks flawless and the shoes are awesome

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I met glam Kim Kardashian!

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