We chat with Hailee Steinfeld

The singer and actress reveals her beauty secrets, fave jeans and current girl crush.


Her first film earned her an Oscar nom, and her debut single was certified platinum. Pretty impressive, right? Get to know this multi-talented star.


Best beauty advice you ever got? Makeup is supposed to highlight the features you already have, not hide them. I always want to feel and look like myself when I walk out the door.

Your beauty icons? Alicia Keys, because she isn’t afraid to reveal her natural beauty; Cindy Crawford, who is the true original supermodel; and Karlie Kloss, because her inner beauty is just as radiant as her beauty on the outside.

Your everyday makeup look? It really depends on what I’m doing and the occasion. When I’m not working, I prefer to go makeup-free. I slather on sunscreen and moisturizer and some lip balm. I take advantage of the opportunities when I can to let my skin breathe.

Your hair story? I’ve been experimenting with length for as long as I can remember. I get restless with my long hair; then I’ll chop it to my shoulders and play with layers. And then there’s the question of bangs or no bangs…

Your skin regimen? As a performer, I’m always covered in makeup for long periods of time, which is never great for the skin. For a good cleanse, I use Cetaphil’s Gentle Cleansing Bar topped off with a Kiehl’s toner for a squeaky-clean feel. If my skin’s dry, I’ll use Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping serum under my moisturizer.


You’ve actually partnered with Kiehl’s for its 165th anniversary. How was that? I got to design my own limited-edition label that raises awareness for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, an institution that is near and dear to my heart. I have such admiration for Kiehl’s because it’s motivated by philanthropy and does a lot for communities around the world.

How would you describe your style? I gravitate toward a style that allows me to feel a strong sense of self but in an effortless way. There’s nothing like owning a look with confidence and wearing it with ease. I’m an explorer when it comes to discovering new designers and pieces that may not be on trend but are interesting and match my personality on any given day. I’m open to the evolution of fashion, especially as a young adult whose tastes are also evolving.

Your fave item in your closet? Currently, it’s a pair of jeans from Stella McCartney. Blue denim with white stars, to be exact. The stars make me feel empowered. I might actually have a little swagger when I wear them.


Five little things that always make you happy? Handwritten letters, chocolate-chip-cookie-dough ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on the top, breakfast food at any time of the day, when my two dogs greet me at the door and a hug from my nana.

Your current girl crush? Beyoncé, because she is the epitome of someone who exudes a fearlessness and a rock-solid poise while commanding the respect of an entire auditorium. 

Your must-follow Instagram accounts? @katemossofficial, @jlo and @beyonce.

Your all-time fave foods? I love a good pizza. Cheeseburgers are also my favourite. 


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