Q&A with Gilmore Girls’ Yanic Truesdale

The Montreal actor shares exciting details about the highly anticipated GG reboot, playing the snooty French concierge, on-set gossip and his fave spots in Montreal.


Premiering on Netflix on November 25 is the streaming event we’ve all been waiting for: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the four-episode revival of the quirky comedy-drama. LOULOU got to chat with Yanic Truesdale, a.k.a. Michel Gerard, the hilarious and fussy Dragonfly concierge, on moving to LA, returning to the original set and where in Montreal you might bump into him.

How did it feel to return to the set where you originally shot eight years ago?

It was great! It was kind of magical in the sense that the set didn’t really exist anymore so they had to rebuild everything. It was kind of surreal to walk back on-set, though.

What’s a day on the set of A Year in the Life like?

The days are usually long ’cause we have a lot of lines and it’s a very specific show, but it was about reconnecting with that world, my character and my friends and Amy Sherman-Palladino on-set.

What can we expect from Michel’s character in the reboot?

Michel is the same old Michel. He still works at the Dragonfly Inn, but he’s at a crossroads in his life, personally and professionally, so there’s a lot going on for him this time around. We get to see more of who he is as a person outside of work, so that was gratifying for me.

What do you like most about Michel’s personality? 

The fact that he’s an open book and that he has no filter and says things as they are. His sarcasm is very much my connection with him, because that’s my sense of humour, so we share the shame dryness and sarcasm.

You’re a born-and-bred Montrealer, so what was it like moving to LA?

LA has always been a struggle for me because I’m much more of an urban guy and to me LA has the feel of a big suburb. I’d never owned a car before moving here, so the fact that I had to drive everywhere drove me crazy (really!). The first year wasn’t easy…trying to break into the industry here. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with LA. What I love the most here are the opportunities and the weather.

What’s your fave thing about Montreal?

It’s home. I have most of my good friends and family there. I like the culture – and I love that I can ride my bike everywhere and that I can speak French. I love that people don’t really care who you know, where you live and what you drive but rather if you are interesting, are a nice person and have something to say. Montreal is a little closer to who I am in my own values. Now that I have my spinning studio, it adds an extra layer of connection to my hometown.

Where can we bump into you when you’re in town?

I’m at the spinning studio every day when I’m there, but I’m also a big foodie, so I love to go to Kazu, Damas and Le Filet restaurants. I love to walk on Mount Royal, and I love to play tennis at Jeanne-Mance Park when the weather permits. I have a big house, so I enjoy having friends over for dinner.

What do you do on a day off?

I don’t have a day off anymore because I have a business with over 20 employees so I’m always working. On a typical day like today, I’ll do a spinning class in the morning and work on my business, go to the gym for a quick workout and have a bite to eat. Then I’ll stop by my agent’s to pick up a script in the afternoon. There’s always a part where I’m exercising, there’s always a part where I’m working and then there’s always something social. Tonight I’m playing poker.



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