Chic Chat: Sophie Nélisse

The Montreal-based star of the new movie Mean Dreams dishes on donuts, designer clothes and dressing her age.

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Who are a few of your favourite designers right now?

Alice and Olivia would be one. I love also Steve Madden and Stuart Weitzman.

Any designer labels on your wish list?

I would love to be a Miu Miu girl. Oh my god, I would love that. I think all the girls being dressed by Miu Miu right now are amazing.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

I just discovered Aritzia. It’s kind of expensive for me, but I got a box from them yesterday with seven dresses, and I’m obsessed. For casual wear, I like to go to Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters, because they have a lot of different styles. Sometimes I feel like the hipster or the bohemian kind of stuff, and sometimes I like to keep it classy. When I have to dress up for events, I have a stylist in L.A. named Chris Horan who sends me stuff, mostly from BCBG. I also get a lot of stuff from Alice and Olivia; I find it fits me so well, because I have a really small top and long legs.

What have you learned from working with a stylist?

I have a really open mind now. I remember when I first started working with Chris, on The Book Thief, he sent me this box, and I was like, “Mom, what is going on? It’s so ugly — it looks like bed sheets!” I was freaking out. But now, he always comes with a big rack and asks me what I want to try on first. Sometimes, I pick out stuff and Chris will say, “Wow, you’ve changed!” And I’m like, “Yeah!”  So, I learned a bit more about what fashion is about, and I trust Chris 100 percent, too. He’s just so good at picking the right dress for each event.

What’s it like dressing for the red carpet at 16 years old?

I’m at an age where it’s hard to find something that’s elegant but not pink but also not too womanly…

Do you have any style icons?

Cate Blanchett would be one, because what she wears for her age is so appropriate yet so amazing.

Do you often look to other celebrities for inspiration?

I don’t really look at that kind of stuff. I don’t read magazines. I don’t follow all those events, but sometimes I’ll look at a dress and be like, “Wow she fits perfectly in that,” and then sometimes they really don’t! I always think Chloë Grace Moretz looks really good.

What’s your favourite way to shop?

I hate shopping online to be honest. Like, I never shop online. I always find it so complicated. You don’t see how it looks on you, and sometimes you see something really ugly and it actually really looks good when you try it on, so I like actually seeing the material.

Do you prefer to shop with family and friends or on your own?

I sometimes like to go with my mom, because she pays for my stuff [laughs]. She’s also good to shop with because I have a tendency to buy a lot of stuff, so she’ll always say, “Sophie, are you actually going to wear that?” or “Do you really need it?” Her best advice is “If you still want it in a week, you really want it. If you’re not still thinking about it in a week, then you didn’t really want it that much.” But I mostly go with friends I’m comfortable with, and they give me the best advice. I wouldn’t want to go with friends who like, “Yeah, you look beautiful,” when something looks terrible.

What is your favourite item in your closet right now?

I have a high crew-neck sweater from Brandy Melville that fits perfectly. I can wear it with a nice pair of pants and with jeans, so it can be nice or super-casual, and I just love that.

Who’s your current girl crush?

I think Kate Winslet always looks fabulous. She’s so elegant and she’s such a smart actress and super, super grounded. She always looks so beautiful, and I think I also love her because she’s so human. She speaks out for women and I think she refuses to get Photoshopped now. I think she has such a lovely message for young actresses, and young women in general.

What are five things that always make you happy?

Food — definitely food. I love pasta. Chocolate ice cream. McDonald’s. Donuts Tim Horton’s donuts are the best. Don’t give me vegetables, just junk food, because it’s the best. If you want to make me happy, just give me food. Clothing, too. Honestly, if I have a bad day, just bring me shopping, and I will love you. Music also makes me really happy. I find it emphasizes my day, so if I’m having a great day, I put on my song of the moment and I’m good!

Who are you listening to these days?

I’ve been listening a lot to Justin Timberlake and Cody Simpson.

What are your go-to beauty brands?

I’ve been using Glam Glow by Sephora when I need to wash my face. It’s amazing. It really helps me. I find there’s so many  products out there, and I never know what to use. I always go to these gifting rooms, and people are like, “Here’s a night cleanser, and here’s another thing,” and I’m like, “How do I apply all of this?” So, I love Glam Glow for that. I also love the Urban Decay Naked Palette; I feel like you can wear those shades with everything.

Any memorable beauty blunders?

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been putting makeup on, and my sister comes in, and I poke my eyeball or smudge my eyeliner, which was almost perfect. It makes me so mad!

Mean Dreams is in theatres now. Check out our video below to find out more about Sophie and her Mean Dreams co-star Josh Wiggins!


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