Chic Chat: Lily Collins

The star of the new movie Rules Don’t Apply talks bold fashion, Emily Blunt and those amazing brows.

, from legendary Academy-Award winning diPhoto Credit: Francois Duhamel.

Photo: Francois Duhamel

You play an aspiring actress in 1950s Hollywood in your new movie, Rules Don’t Apply. Which of your character’s looks did you love the most? 

My favourite fashion look is the classic white outfit that I wear a couple of times in the film. It was one of the first looks I tried on in my fittings. Albert Wolsky did our costumes — he’s one of the most renowned and amazing costumers in Hollywood — and it’s just so feminine and flirty and sophisticated. My character is also a very moral, religious young woman, so it had a very respectful look, but at the same time it was very “go getter.” It was like a pantsuit, but not. As for beauty, I loved the makeup look in my character’s screen test. I just love a good, bold lip and clean hair. It was all about her inner beauty coming out and represented in the more mature makeup.

What are your favourite fashion brands at the moment?

I love mixing and matching so much. I love Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen and Valentino, and mixing in pieces from Zara and Aritzia. I love the aesthetic of the designer labels, even if they’re not necessarily pieces I would wear every day, but they definitely do inspire my fashion choices. For every day, I’m throwing on J Brand and Paige jeans, and Rag & Bone. I’m never in one label head-to-toe, unless I’m doing press and get to wear a beautiful gown for an event.

What are your favourite red-carpet labels these days?

I love Valentino. And what isn’t to love about Chanel? Alexander McQueen is up there for me as well, but I’ve also worn designers like David Koma. My stylists, Rob Zangardi & Mariel Haenn, really push the boundaries with me and encourage me to step outside the box, so I’ve worn a lot of unknown and not-as-well-known designers. Sometimes their work is so inspired in comparison to the pieces I see on the runways, so I like to switch it up and try new things.

What else have you learned from working with a styling team?

I’ve definitely started taking more risks on my own. When I first started working with them a few years ago, there were certain things I didn’t know could work with my body shape, or outfits I thought only my super-cool friends could pull off. They said, “No, no, you can rock this,” as long as you own it and have the confidence to wear it, you can wear anything. So they really encouraged me and taught me a lot about body proportion and trying new things, and now I’m the one saying, “I want to go bold!” and they’re like, “Yeah you do!”

Favourite item in your closet right now?

I have this massive, oversized vintage jean jacket that I found in Vancouver while I was shooting a movie there a couple of months ago. I’d been looking for a really cool acid-washed, oversized jacket that I could throw on and roll up the sleeves and have kind of an ’80s look. You can also wear it over a dress, and it sort of funks it up.

What’s your favourite way to shop?

It’s funny, I don’t go shopping that often. I usually shop when I’m out of town, because I like taking pieces from different places. I’m not a big online shopper, because I don’t usually trust that things are going to fit the right way, and I don’t want to have to bother sending them back. I’m normally someone who likes to go shopping alone, because I like to take my time, and when I go to buy something, I really need to know that it’s something I’m going to wear over and over again, and in different ways. I like opinions, and my mom has great advice, but I very rarely go shopping with friends.

What are your go-to beauty products?

I’m fortunate and honoured to be working with Lancôme. They’ve taught me so much about skin care and makeup and how to take care of myself. I love their Energie de Vie line, and their Hypnôse mascara is something I’ve been wearing for years. I’m really kind of basic when it comes to makeup and skin care. I love the classic Rose Bud lip balm, and hand creams — I’m always moisturizing my hands. I keep it simple, because I like to then get dressed up and feel special when I’m getting my makeup done. Sometimes, I’ll throw on a bold lip, but I usually like to save that for “dress-up time.”

What’s the best thing you’ve learned while working with Lancôme?

How important it is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – and to wear sunscreen. It really is so important to keep your skin hydrated in order to have that glow. I would always admire people whose skin had this amazing glow and almost dewy texture to it, and I always thought that was something you were just born with. Of course, some people are, but as long as you hydrate and get the right product with the right organic materials that can really draw out the right texture from your skin, it’s something you can have, too. It’s all about hydration, though, especially with all of the travelling and work that I do.

Do you have a secret weapon when it comes to caring for your skin?

The Génifique Mask. I use it sometimes twice per week, or the night before a big event. It’s insane how silky your skin feels, and the next day, it’s like — boom! — glow-y and dewy.

Any advice on how to get killer brows like yours?

Less is more. I used to over-tame them to fit into the look at the time, which was thinner brows, but my mom quickly shut that down. Now, I take care of them myself and the clean up is minimal, because I learned early own on how easy it is to mess them up.

What are five things that always make you happy?

Laughing, a good cup of tea, my friends, my mom and — how do I choose? — oh, a good piece of dark chocolate.

Who’s your current girl crush?

Emily Blunt, because she’s a girl’s girl who can hang with the boys, kicks butt and is a hot mama. Plus, she has a wicked sense of humour.


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