Adriana Lima chats with LOULOU

The Maybelline ambassador and Victoria’s Secret Angel talks fashion, beauty and everyday indulgences.


We met Adriana Lima in New York City last September at a Fashion Week press conference for Maybelline spokesmodels. With her boundless energy and contagious laugh, we instantly fell head over heels for the Brazilian bombshell. Here’s what she had to say when we grilled her about fashion, beauty and fitness.


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Your skin-care secrets?

I wash my face morning and night and always remove my makeup before working out to avoid clogged pores.

Your go-to makeup look?

For day, I like natural lips and a flushed complexion. In the evening, I like to boost the intensity and sex appeal.

Your fave makeup products?

If I could only use two products for the rest of my life, they would have to be red lipstick and dark-black mascara.

Your hair routine?

Nothing too complicated. My hair is naturally wavy, so I let it air-dry after shampooing or use a flat iron for a smooth look.


Instagram @adrianalima

Best Brazilian beauty tips?

Hydration! Whether you sip coconut water or regular water, the skin-care benefits are extraordinary. One of my favourite tips is to soak cotton balls in extra-cold coconut water and let them sit on your face for five minutes. The results are magic! I also apply avocado masks to make my hair super-shiny.

Current girl crush?

Beyoncé, no question.

Five little things that always make you happy?

My kids, flowers, new makeup, Brazilian food and my #TeamLima community.

Something about you that would surprise people?

I’m quite shy, especially when meeting new people. The girl who wears skimpy lingerie is just a character I play for the camera.

The best beauty tip you’ve learned from the pros?

As a Maybelline ambassador, I learned to not be afraid of colour. The brand offers gorgeous products in so many saturated hues that once you take the plunge, brights are easy and fun to work into your regular routine.

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How do you stay in shape?

Boxing is my favourite sport. It helps me keep my Angel body, but I also like to jump rope – especially because it’s easy to bring along when I’m travelling.

Fave item in your closet?

My black leather jacket. It works for any occasion and any season.

Favourite city in the world?

New York, for its energy and youth.

All-time favourite foods?

I love cake! My favourites are chocolate and my mother’s coconut and yucca. I also love sushi, pizza and feijoada, a type of Brazilian stew. I could go on and on…


Instagram @adrianalima

Fave way to unwind?

A bubble bath, a glass of red wine and an Andrea Bocelli soundtrack.

How do you like to start your day?

With a good workout, after waking up at home and dropping off my two daughters at school.


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