Winter coats to beat the freeze in style

Because we don’t want your cute party dress to get lost under that Michelin Man coat.


You’re finally party-ready, but as you take one last glance in the mirror before heading out, you realize your ski jacket does nothing good for your holiday outfit. You’re already running late, but you’ve tried on every single topper in the house and nothing complements that cute dress you bought for tonight? It has happened to the best of us, but this year, our fashion pros are sparing you the drama. Just because the temperatures are plummeting doesn’t mean that your sense of style should too. If there’s one thing us Canadian gals need in our wardrobe, it’s a mighty-cute winter coat, and the good news is that they come in all shapes and sizes. To help you pick the right one, let’s take a look at what our fave celebs like to wear to stay hot when it’s cold. No more outfit panic attacks!


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