Hip girl: Zooey Deschanel

She’s the indie star best known for her roles in 500 Days of Summer and the TV series New Girl. Ever since we first noticed her in Almost Famous, Zooey has never wavered from her signature style: slightly retro, feminine and entirely charming. With her irresistibly unpretentious aura and those famous bangs that frame the kind of big blue eyes you’d expect on a Japanese manga character, she’s the girl we’d like to be BFFs with. Follow Zooey on Twitter and Instagram and at hellogiggles.com, the site she co-founded and where she posts the occasional blog entry. Or you can see her in person when her band plays this summer: Zooey’s indie folk duo, She & Him, will play Montreal’s Jazz Festival on  July 3 and the Toronto Urban Roots Festival on July 4.



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