Trend forecast: spring/summer’s top 6 celeb-inspired looks

We’re flash-forwarding to spring (we know you can’t blame us) and taking a peek at the ruling trends for spring/summer 2011. Read on for tips for pulling off the new looks as per your favourite A-listers!

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By Stephanie Boridy

The glowing nude look worn by Emma Watson

Photo: Fame Pictures / AAR

Inspired by BCBG’s barely there complexion, Emma Watson flaunted her bold cropped coif by effortlessly pairing it with a flawlessly understated (read: natural) look that would surely meet the approval of makeup artist Gigi Gommers, who created the runway’s hit look. “Less is more” is the rule of thumb here, and Emma’s creamy complexion glow accented with a sheer lip balm and shimmering eyeshadow is the perfect inspired-by approach to recreating the runway look.

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The (updated!) smoky eye worn by Whitney Port

Photo: WireImage

There was no way we weren’t going to adore this look. Inspired by Chanel, Whitney Port’s bold and smouldering smoky eye is also reminiscent of the elaborate look worn by Natalie Portman for her leading role in Black Swan. Whitney hit all the right beauty notes by underscoring her stark eye makeup with an apricot pout and seamless complexion. On a fashion note, her plunging neckline, sequined dress and tousled updo play an equally important part in complementing the look for its overall success.

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The Day-Glo lip worn by Natalie Portman

Photo: / Amanda Schwab

This year, spring’s inherent colour revival is all about fruit-punchy looks with Day-Glo pink and orange lips at the helm of the trend. While the Diane von Furstenberg-inspired version of this bright look is all about the matte lip, Natalie Portman debuted a very wearable variation on the trend, opting for a glossy fuchsia. If you’re looking for a slightly more subtle approach to that of the runway, we suggest taking your cue from Natalie’s pout, which packs a slightly more versatile colourful punch.

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The blue-green eyeshadow worn by Jessica Alba

Photo: / Kyle Rover

Taking a page out of Oscar de la Renta’s spring/summer show, Jessica Alba rocks a mermaid-reminiscent approach to bright eyeshadow that’s entirely enviable. This look works on Jessica (and on brunettes all around) because she teamed her pigment-saturated peepers with a dishevelled (borderline straight out of the water) coif and a glossy pale-pink pout, successfully downplaying the trend’s dramatic nature.

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The lime-green eyeshadow worn by Rihanna

Photo: PR Photos / Todd Duffey / C2C

Where many celebrities like to play it relatively safe with their looks, we’re thankful for stars like Rihanna, who can not only pull off the bolder trends but commit to rocking them. Coloured eyeshadow is no stranger to Rihanna’s makeup routine, and her take on Elie Saab’s lime-green peepers – paired with her fiery red ringlets – is nothing short of the perfect how-to for emulating this trend.

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The glam look worn by Rachel McAdams

Photo: / Action Press / Franziska Krug

The fiercest of the trends, Zac Posen’s glam look leaves lots of room for interpretation, meaning you can hardly go wrong when adapting this trend. While the runway models sported dramatic winged eyeliner, an orange-red pout and a rockabilly pompadour coif, Rachel is a case in point to the aforementioned as she adopted the trend for reality with a pallid complexion, warm rosy cheeks, a subtle brown smoky eye and the perfect finishing touch: vampy red lipgloss. Magnifique!

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