Dry Masks Are Where It’s At

Montreal-based Nannette de Gaspé on her new line of waterless masks for face and body.

Photo: Jenna Marie Wakani

Photo: Jenna Marie Wakani

Nannette de Gaspé‘s namesake line of dry masks are already a hit in major cities like London and Paris. This month, the investor-turned-boss-lady is bringing her high-tech beauty products home as she makes her Canadian debut exclusively at Holt Renfrew.

What are the benefits of dry masks?

Our masks have a rich, balm-like texture imprinted on our soft, luxurious, “tech-stile” fabrics. The masks gently wrap around your eyes, mouth, neck, hands, face and are activated by humidity, temperature, pH or natural body movements. Unlike traditional wet masks, which are on average 85 percent water and glycerine, our masks contain 87 percent active ingredients and emollients. Our “wearable skin technology” merges seamlessly with the skin and creates an epidermal reservoir to store active ingredients waiting to be absorbed. Based on the skin’s needs, actives are released only as required. This prolongs and enhances the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Nannette de Gaspé Eyes Masque, $110 at Holt Renfrew.


 Who should use dry masks?

Our masks can benefit women of all ages. Aside from wrinkle reduction, they improve hydration of the skin, elasticity and firmness, as well as skin pigmentation. 

When and how often do you recommend using a dry mask?

The masks can be used any time, at the beginning of the day or before bedtime. Because we know from our clinical studies that one use of the mask provides significant results in the reduction of wrinkles, increase in hydration and improvement in pigmentation, I would recommend using the mask at least once a week. Given that our clinical studies have shown even greater results when the mask is used consecutive days, I would suggest using it three days in a row for a more intensive treatment and doing this once a month. The mask should be used to complement one’s skincare regime, and depending on one’s skin needs, the frequency can be more flexible.

Nannette de Gaspé Mouth Masque, $100 at Holt Renfrew.


When is your favourite time of day to “mask”?

My favourite time of day to use the mask is in the morning. I can put it on while I blow-dry my hair, make breakfast or check my emails. Fifteen minutes goes by in a flash! My skin is radiant and ready for the full day. However, friends have told me that they love to put it on before bedtime, while reading or watching TV.

How many times can each mask be used?

Each mask has enough formulation for three uses. After a 15-minute use, you can fold it up and reseal it in its hygienic pouch. Once opened, it can be kept for two months, however, you will want to use it again much sooner than that!

Nannette de Gaspé Library of Skin Seduction, $510 at Holt Renfrew.


Do have you any exciting new products in the pipeline?

In early 2017, we will launch a pump-and-lift collection for the breasts and the buttocks, which promises to enhance volume and bounce. Later next year, we will also introduce a mesotherapy mask which, through our advanced delivery technology, will deliver hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants deep into the epidermis and replace needles, providing a revolutionary needle free mesotherapy treatment.



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