How to create a contoured makeup look

Follow these quick steps to recreate a contoured makeup look like Rooney Mara.


Makeup isn’t just ideal for enhancing your features or creating an “inspired by…” look. The right products and technique can also yield a strategic look or effect, such as enhanced cheekbones thanks to contouring. In a three-step process, contouring creates smooth, strong facial lines like Rooney Mara’s.   1. To get the look, start with a cream-based concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone. Using your two index fingers, glide the concealer under your cheekbone, up toward your temples and back down toward your mouth in one smooth back-and-forth motion parallel to your cheekbone. To gauge your cheekbones, squeeze your cheeks into a fish expression.   2. Once you’ve applied the concealer to both cheeks, set the creamy texture with a powder primer. Then, using an angled brush, swipe a contouring powder two shades darker than your natural skin tone over the line drawn with the concealer.   3. Finally, using a blush brush, swipe an apricot or terracotta blush over the contouring powder in one smooth back-and-forth motion. Soften any harsh lines and blend the three products together with the help of a Kabuki brush.   Finish the look off with a coat or two of mascara for day and a smoky eye by night for a sophisticated and modern sculpted look.


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