January Jones


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By Katherine Lalancette

Think bobs are for the prim and proper? This Mad Men stunner begs to differ! Find out how to steal her effortlessly
sexy shoulder-dusting ’do for a look that’s anything but stuffy.

January Jones

Photo: KEYSTONE Press

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Wind of change
It appears we’ve been witnessing a paradigm shift of sorts lately, with a bevy of Hollywood starlets redefining a
shorter, more carefree coif as the new über-sexy hairstyle.
Gone are the days of nearly hip-grazing locks for celebs the likes of Ashley Greene, Peaches

and Miley Cyrus. But it was catching a glimpse of January Jones’ wispy Emmy look on our TV sets that truly encapsulated
the less-is-more hair motto for us. Simple and feminine yet tough, this leading lady’s messy bob perks up any ensemble
with a healthy dose of nonchalance. The first step in claiming her look: paying a visit to your hairdresser. Take in
a photo of your desired style and request a medium-length cut with long layers to avoid anything too choppy or pouf-prone.
Not only will your tresses instantly feel lighter but you’ll also cut the drying time in half. Now that’s true

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Easy breezy
When styling your new coif, begin by lathering your locks with a featherweight shampoo-and-conditioner combo to maximize
the wisp factor. Soak up the bulk of the moisture by wrapping a towel around your head for a few minutes; then finish
up the drying process with a blowout, using a large round brush for ample lift and smoothness. Now comes the fun
part! Achieve January’s bed-head bliss the heat-free way by introducing a heap of movement with large Velcro rollers.
Wrap your strands around the barrels shortly after blow-drying and mist some loose-hold hairspray all
over. Let the waves set while you paint your mug and step into your outfit du jour; then unravel your tresses to reveal
a sublimely swinging ’do. For that extra-messy appeal, polish off your coif by running your mousse-coated
fingers through it. January’s bob philosophy: always fab, never drab! 



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