Stars who wear sky-high ponytails

Yep, it’s Ariana Grande’s signature hairstyle, but the singer’s not the only one rocking the ’90s-inspired look. Find out which other celebs are throwing their mane up into the iconic ’do.


To keep your hair out of your face, all you need is one hairstyle with many different options. Wavy, straight, curly, braided, voluminous, extra-glossy, with or without bangs, the high pony is on trend. Ariana Grande said it herself: There are a million ways to do a ponytail. We all know what her hairstyle of choice is, ’cause…well…we rarely see her without it. It’s so practical yet easy, and it’s just about the best way to pull back your unwashed hair and make it look good, whether you want your pony to look casual or red-carpetish. See which other A-listers have been inspired by Ariana’s staple updo. Ponytails are timeless and effortless – no wonder celebs like them so much!

Text: Camille Cardin-Goyer

Recherche: Carolyne Brown


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