Lisa Ray x The 7 Virtues

The homegrown star and social activist has teamed up with the Halifax-based perfume brand to launch her first scent.


Lisa Ray by Farrokh Chothia 1 HI RES“It was pure serendipity,” Lisa says of her first encounter with Barb Stegemann, founder of The 7 Virtues. Having both survived cancer and committed to empowering women around the world, it was a match made in fragrance heaven.

The outcome of their collaboration is Lisa Ray Jasmine of India, an aromatic tribute to Lisa’s time spent modelling and shooting movies in Mumbai. With notes of orange blossom, cardamom, ginger, myrrh and, of course, jasmine flower, the spicy yet feminine scent is the latest in The 7 Virtues’ line-up of locally made fragrances, which feature natural and ethically sourced essentials oils with zero parabens or phthalates.

“For me, jasmine is about finding the sacred in the everyday,” says Lisa. “Sitting in horrendous Mumbai traffic, you’ll see women weaving their way through the gridlock on foot selling strings of jasmine flowers. And in the midst of that craziness, it gives you a moment of stillness and self-connection.”

Lisa Ray Jasmine of India Box & Bottle ShotSo what sort of look would suit Lisa’s scent? “I’m picturing a lovely, off-the-shoulder cotton top, mixed with leather pants and anklets from India for a boho-gypsy edge and a pair of studded Louboutins — but not the super-high ones, the comfortable ones,” she says, adding, “I’m over hurting myself for fashion.”

To round off the Lisa Ray look, she recommends a soft lip, slightly smoky cat eye, soft waves and maybe even a nose ring. “If you don’t have a pierced nose, a nice little tip, which we sometimes use in India, is to just wear a bindi,” says Lisa.

Better still, the scent will having you feeling as good as you smell. Aside from proving eco can be chic, The 7 Virtues helps to rebuild nations by sourcing its fragrances from family farms in war-torn countries. “We’re flexing our buying power as women and communicating positive stories about these countries,” says Barb. “Together, we’re communicating through scent and transporting people to these beautiful countries, whether it’s Haiti, Afghanistan, India or Rwanda.”

Ready to take a trip without leaving town? Pick up Lisa Ray Jasmine of India, $70, at The Hudson’s Bay, and


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