Shine in holiday accessories from day ’til night

Wanna add some festive cheer to your outfit? There’s nothing like cool accessories to amp up your look.


There’s a chill in the air, the first snowflakes are falling, winter is definitely a sentimental season. What better way to warm your heart than new accessories?  Keep it simple and let the bling bling do the work. Get inspired, take a risk! Whether it’s big or small, silver or gold, real or fake, we’ve selected plenty of shiny bling to reflect your spirits and let your inner beauty shine on. If you’re looking for accessories that make an impact, right this way! From beautiful bags to pretty shoes and sparkly face-framing earrings, these glitzy-glitzy extras will make you queen of the holidays. Time to stand out and sparkle your way through the festivities. Time to accessorize!

Text: Camille Cardin-Goyer

Research: Stéphanie Bolduc-Montcalm


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